At DMC, our values have always motivated us to give back to the community. Since inception, these values have inspired us to fulfil our corporate social responsibilities, to help create a better life for everyone and to ensure progress continues within our community and the wider region. We face many challenges today, but our commitment to our social responsibility remains unchanged, and we continue to take determined steps into the future to making the world a better place.

DMC supports several non-profit organizations, social awareness events, and charities throughout the Kingdom. Below are some of our most recent activities:

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    Help Center

    The Help Center is a non-profit organization committed to enhancing the quality of life of individuals with intellectual disabilities by giving them the opportunity to learn, live, work, and play, in a safe environment.
    DMC participated in an ‘Open Day’ for children’s Darwin syndrome whereby supporting their character and self-reliance through an exercise using special sports equipment for children in addition to distributing gifts.

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    Maharat Center

    Saudi Arabia’s leading centre for the diagnostic and remedial treatment of disabilities in learning, communication and perception. A non-profit organization supported by a variety of donors and benefactors. DMC frequently promotes and assists the physical education of kids to develop a healthier lifestyle.

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    Government Entities

    DMC participated in several health and fitness awareness events such as World Diabetes Day', 'Keep your heart day', and other positive causes with various government entities such as Prince Sultan Military City, National Guard Hospital, King Faisal Specialist Hospital, and King Saud University.

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    DMC provides free seminars to universities, charity associations, and public parks to increase the general population’s knowledge on ways of living a healthier lifestyle. The company frequently participates in various health awareness events throughout the Kingdom and constantly seeks creative ways to positively impact the national health status of the people.

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